St. Mary’s Anglican Church has a fine tradition of music. Choral music of all genres is an integral part of our worship. The choir leads the congregational singing, and a variety of mass settings are used, changing with the liturgical seasons. The St Mary’s organ is particularly fine, and is occasionally augmented by other instrumentalists, including strings, trumpet and woodwind.


Beverley Phillips

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St Marys has a small but enthusiastic choir which practises each Tuesday evening in the Church from 6.30 pm to 8.00pm and sings at the 10 am Sung Eucharist on Sunday mornings.

St. Mary’s Choir welcomes new members. If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact the director of music.

Choir Commitment


Notices for Choir

Music for St Mary’s 30th July til 10 September


Date                       Mass                                  Anthem

30 July                  Camberwell                      Jesu, dulcis memoria T. L de Victoria NCAB#36; P. 181

psalm: 105. (TP #106)

Postlude: H Purcell ‘Chaconne’ from King Arthur.


6 August               Camberwell                      Be Thou my vision B. Chilcott
NOEAB #7 p 23
psalm TIS 55

Postlude: J Dunstable “Agincourt Hymn


6 August Evensong: Mag and Nunc R. Bonighton
6pm.                  Versicles and Responses: H Bramma
Anthem: O Nata Lux. Thomas Tallis.
Postlude: R Bonighton “A joyful Recessional”


13 August             Matthias                            God is our hope and strength J.S. Bach
AFC 1 p. 59

psalm: 105 (TP #106)

Postlude: Karg Elert ‘Lobet Den Herrn’ Op.101 (Praise the Lord with the drums and cymbals)


15 August Patronal Festival:                     Tuesday 6.30 pm

Proulx German Mass
Psalm 45: Rachelski
Anthem: ‘A tender shoot.’ Otto Goldschmidt
Postlude: J S Bach ‘Meine Seele erhabt den Herren’ BWV 733   Fugue on the Magnificat


20 August             Mathias                             O Lord increase our faith H. Loosemoore
NCAB #58 P. 254
Psalm 133 (TP #137)

Postlude: J S Bach Fantasia in g BWV 542


27 August             Mathias                             My eyes for beauty pine. H. Howells
NCAB #49. P. 235

Psalm 124 (TP # 148)

Postlude: J S Bach Fugue in g   BWV 542


3 September        Camberwell                      Christus factus est F. Anerio
Italian Chester p. 1
Psalm 105 TIS 66. Vv 1-6
Postlude: Theodore Dubois ‘Toccata’


10 September      Camberwell                      Cantate Domino G. O. Pitoni
NCAB # 17. P. 92

Psalm149 (Psalms for Sunday)

Postlude: D Buxtehude Prelude in D BuxWV 139


Music Program for Lent

Ash Wed:

Psalm 51. 1-18 – Cox plainchant new

during the imposition of ashes “A penitential Responsory” Andrew Gant
during communion: “An heart that’s broken and contrite.” John Dowland

Organ Postlude: “ Jesu, meines Lebens Leben”. J. S. Bach BWV 1107


Lent 1: Psalm 32 – Cox plainchant new

Anthem: “Purge me, O Lord” T. Tallis.

Organ Postlude: “ O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig” J. S. Bach BWV 618


Lent Evensong:

Preces and Responses: Richard Ayleward (1626-69)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (from the short service): Orlando Gibbons (1553-1625)

Psalm 51: Matthew Camidge

Anthem: “My Lord is alone” Jonathan Wikeley (b1979)

Organ Postlude: “A Fancy”: Orlando Gibbons ed. Cox.


Lent 2: Psalm121 – Cox plainchant new

“God so loved the world”     Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

Organ Postlude: “O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig” J. S. Bach BWV 656


Lent 3: Psalm 95- Cox plainchant new

Anthem: “Call to remembrance” Richard Farrant
Organ Postlude: “Ach Herr, mich armen Sünder” J. S. Bach BWV 742


Lent 4: Psalm 23 – Cox plainchant new

Anthem: “Ad te levavi” G. P. da Palestrina (1525-1594)

Organ Postlude: “Machs mit mir, Gott, nach deiner Güt J. S. Bach BWV deest (Emans Nr.132)


Lent 5: Psalm 130 – Cox plainchant new

Anthem: “O Lord increase our faith” H. Loosemoore.

Organ Postlude: “O Mensch, bewein dein Sünde gross” J. S. Bach BWV 622


Lent 6: Psalm 31: Cox plainchant new

Blessing of the palms: “the children of the Hebrews” plainchant/ Palestrina.

Anthem: “Gethsemane” Adam Harvey (b.1964)

Organ Postlude: “Christus, der uns selig macht” J. S. Bach BWV 747


Parish RSCM Tenebrae:
Solo: ‘The Crucifixion” Samuel Barber Op.29, nr 5 Soloist Tom Dalton

Anthem: “Crucifixus” A. Lotti


Maundy Thursday: Psalm 116 – R. Bonighton

Anthem: “On the mount of olives” R. Allwood (b1950)


Good Friday: Psalm 22

Gospel Passion responses: Thomas Luis de Victoria

Anthem: “My Lord is alone” Jonathan Wikeley (b1979)

St Mary’s Organ

The original mechanical action organ in St. Mary’s was installed by Roberts of Adelaide in 1880 but was converted to electrical action in 1930 By the end of the 1970s its workings were just a tangled mass of rusting wire and the instrument was falling through the floor. It could only play basic hymn melodies, over 200 of its original pipes having been removed in a regrouping of its usable parts around 1970.

In 1983 the parish purchased from the Uniting Church in Queensland the organ which had been in the former Methodist Church at Toowong, Brisbane. This organ had been built in Germany in the 1950s by Werner Bosch Cassel and shipped out to New Zealand. From there it went to Toowong and in 1983 came south to Melbourne and St Marys to undergo apotheosis into its present form.

Danish organ builder Knud Smenge who had just opened his business in Melbourne was engaged by the Parish to rebuild the organ for its new location in St Marys.

This most successful rebuild has given to St Marys a fine fully mechanical action classical instrument which has been described as the gem of Melbourne’s smaller organs. It has been a great asset to the parish and has been highly commended by many visiting organists from overseas who have performed on it.