St Mary’s Anglican Church, North Melbourne is an inner-city Christian community that strives to be faithful, inclusive, and sacramental.

The church building is situated in the historic heart of North Melbourne, on the corner of Howard and Queensberry Street, just down the road from the North Melbourne Town Hall, within easy walking distance of Melbourne Central Business District. As well as North Melbourne, St Mary’s serves the communities of West Melbourne and South Parkville.

Sunday morning worship at St Mary’s is vibrant and lively, within a “relaxed Anglo-Catholic” style. The theology that informs preaching and teaching is unapologetically liberal in social outlook, whilst taking the Bible extremely seriously as God’s word written, constantly being reinterpreted by God’s living people, who are the Body of Christ in the world today.

In striving to be faithful, we acknowledge and celebrate the ecclesial traditions that have shaped the Church through the millennia.

In striving to be inclusive we seek to break down barriers of exclusion that have marred the Church’s history, including exclusion based on race, gender, sexuality, age or disability.

In striving to be sacramental, we seek to live Eucharistically, which is to say that we strive to live as a people who constantly give thanks to God.