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Notices 24 June 2018

From the Vicar


Over the past two weeks Geoff Jenkins has been enthralling many of us with a series of lectures on “The Wisdom of Jesus”. Geoff being Geoff, we are yet to get to the New Testament, but he promises that this Sunday we will! (Maybe he will even mention John the Baptist!) We have been treated to a fascinating exploration of some of the deuterocanonical material that did (and some that didn’t) make it into what is sometimes called the “Apocrypha”, as well as some challenging insights into Judaism and even Islam.


As Christians who concentrate our gaze (quite rightly) on the canonical scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, it is both a great treat and an excellent challenge to explore some of the many other texts that sit nearby to our most sacred books. In doing so we learn more about our canonical sacred texts as well, and widen our gaze to enable a better understanding of the world in which they were composed. So thank you, Geoff, for these talks, and we look forward to the final in the series this week.


– Fr Craig.

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Sunday Lecture/study groups 



10-17-24 June

The Wisdom of Jesus

Dr Geoff Jenkins


8-15-22-29 July

Prayer Book Religion

Fr Craig D’Alton


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Sunday 1 July – 6th Sunday after Pentecost

8.00am Eucharist

10.00am Sung Eucharist

10.00am Light Up!

11.30am Study Group


2 Sam 1:1,17-27; Ps 130; 2 Cor 8:7-15; Mark 5:21-43




Sunday 24 June                      Study Group 11.30am

Sunday 1 July                        Light Up! Main Hall 10am

Sunday 1 July                        Monthly Lunch 12 noon

Friday 6 July                          Cocktail Party 6pm

Sunday 8 July                        Meditation 5pm

Wednesday 15 August          Patronal Festival Eucharist and Dinner



St Mary’s choir members will be participating in this event on Sunday 1 July, 6pm at St Paul’s cathedral. All are welcome.



This Sunday Dr Geoff Jenkins is presenting the last study of a three week study series on “The Wisdom of Jesus”. These will take place in the Chapel following morning tea at about 11.30am.



St Mary’s Major Winter Fundraiser is a Cocktail party celebrating the Feast of Saint Sexburga at 6pm $60.00 per head adults only. All Welcome.

Who was Saint Sexburga?

Saint Sexburga was one of four daughters of the English king Anna honored as saints. During her twenty-four years of marriage to King Erconbert of Kent, Sexburga gave birth to four children, two of whom are likewise venerated as saints (her daughters Ercongota and Ermenilda). As queen, she was revered for her piety and humility. Following her husband’s death, Sexburga was able to satisfy her long-standing desire to consecrate her life completely to the service of God, entering a convent she had previously founded at Minster-in-Sheppey. Thereafter, Sexburga sought a yet more hidden life in order to focus her thoughts upon heaven. This prompted her to transfer to the convent founded by her sister Saint Etheldreda at Ely. Despite her hopes for a hidden existence, Sexburga was chosen to succeed her sister as Ely’s abbess. It was Sexburga who ordered the opening of Etheldreda’s tomb after sixteen years. A doctor waiting outside the tent erected over the tomb for the exhumation overheard Sexburga within the tent suddenly exclaim, “Glory to the name of the Lord!” Her sister’s body had been found to be totally incorrupt.

Parish Cocktail Party July 2018


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The ongoing St Mary’s National Trust appeal is a tax-effective way of making a contribution to the ongoing task of maintaining our heritage-listed building. As the end of the financial year approaches, you might like to consider making a contribution to this fund, which is tax deductable. Forms are available in the porch.


SHARING SUNDAY – 1st and 8th July

Two Sundays of each month are Sharing Sundays for Anglicare. Please bring toiletries or non-perishable goods such as two minute noodles, canned fish, meat or soup, cereals or tetra packs of milk, leave them in the basket at the back of the church. Thanks



St Mary’s Stitchers Group meets every Thursday at 10am in the small hall. We look forward to seeing you and if you have never been before you are most welcome.



This is the last week to bring in your coats, socks and wooly hats.

Help make someone who is cold, warmer this winter. We are donating to Anglicare and Mission for Seafarers so all donations will be appreciated.



The next get together is on Saturday 14th July 9.30am til 11.00am.

The garden group normally meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month to help maintain the gardens around the church.




If you would like a name added to the ongoing prayer list, please notify the Parish Office. Names written on the Sunday list will be prayed for on that week only.


Please pray for those in need, including: Mick, Ros, Jean, Han, Wen, Jacqui, Martin, Ellie, Bridget, Mary, Andrew, Tanya and Logan, Sam.


We remember the recently departed:


Also those whose anniversaries of death fall this week:

Lenard Herbert Judd, Harold Hopwood.







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