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27 January 2019

From the Assistant Priest

This week’s gospel reading is taken from Luke chapter 4. We learn that Jesus stands up in the synagogue and reads from the scroll handed to him containing the words of the prophet Isaiah. At this early stage of his ministry, Jesus is announcing his mission in continuity with Israel’s prophetic tradition. The reading from Isaiah, in fact, defines Jesus’ whole ministry and we will find more evidence of this as we continue to read from Luke’s Gospel throughout this year. Jesus’ ministry will include bringing good news to the poor, liberty to captives, healing to the sick, freedom to those who are oppressed, and a year acceptable to the Lord.

Through this text from Isaiah, Jesus announces God’s salvation. The ‘year acceptable to the Lord’ is a reference to the Jewish tradition of Sabbath years and jubilee. The Sabbath year was observed every seventh year. It was a year of rest when land was left fallow and food stores were to be shared equally with all. A year of Jubilee was celebrated every fiftieth year, the conclusion of seven cycles of Sabbath years. It was a year of renewal in which debts were forgiven and even slaves were freed.

When we as individuals and collectively as a church do what Jesus did – bring good news to the poor, liberty to captives, healing to the sick, and freedom to the oppressed – we too serve the Kingdom of God.

– Fr Philip


Next Sunday

Sunday 3 February – Presentation

8.00am Eucharist

10.00am Sung Eucharist


Mal 3:1-5; Ps 24:7-10; Heb 2:14-18; Luke 2:22-40



Sunday 27th January            Move to Hall after service

Sunday 3 February               First service in Hall

Sunday 3 February               Monthly Luncheon

Sunday 3 February               Sunday School

Sunday 3 March                    Light Up!

Wednesday 6 March             Ash Wednesday



During January Fr Craig will still be around on week days but Fr Philip will be in charge on Sundays. From 1 February the Locum will be Fr Barry Fernley.



The Church heating and floor project will commence on Tuesday 29 January 2019. All services will be in the hall for approximately eight weeks. On Sunday 27 January we will need to move out of the church. The Sacristy team will coordinate the move, but extra assistance will be required, so please consider whether you are able to assist after the 10am service on 27 January. We will still have access to the vestry via the external door. The hall will need to be set up every Saturday after 4pm and put back to normal every Sunday after church during the works. If you might be able to assist on a roster for this please contact the parish office or speak to Anne Sunderland or Sam Miller.



Will recommence Sunday 3rdFebruary. Please let Harriet know of your interest.


The choir will resume normal practice schedule as of Tuesday 5th February, meeting in the hall 6pm – 8pm or as negotiated.  St Marys choir is always looking to recruit new members.  If you or someone you know is interested in singing in the choir please contact the Director of Music or the Office or a chorister.



The next get together is on Saturday 9th February 9.30am til 11.00am. The garden group normally meets on the 2ndSaturday of each month to help maintain the gardens around the church.


Will recommence on Thursday 21st February.

St Mary’s Stitchers Group meets every Thursday at 10am in the small hall. Please join us on any Thursday.



“Light Up!“-  First Sunday of the Month. –3rd March

“Messy St Mary’s” – Third Sunday of the Month. – 17thMarch.



If you would like a name added to the ongoing prayer list, please notify the Parish Office. Unless specifically requested names will remain on the list for four weeks. Names written on the Sunday list will be prayed for on that week only.


Please pray for those in need, including: Jacqui, Ikenna, Annie, Ben, Charles, Charlotte, Graeme, Cleo, Darrell, Kathy.

We remember the departed:

Also those whose anniversaries of death fall this week: Reg Pestell, Ruth Lavinia Houghton.

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Easter in 4th Century Jerusalem

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14 April

Easter in the 21st Century North Melbourne

Fr Philip Bewley






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